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lower left abdominal pain

Pain is one of the reasons why people rush in a healthcare facility. Unfortunately, seeking medical attention is not an option for some people until pain is experienced. Lower left abdominal pain for instance is one reason why people drop off in clinics. Yet, it may just be caused by intestinal gas which is considered minor. But there are signs too needing prompt attention. Here are the danger signs that you have to watch for when having lower left abdominal pain. This will save you from clamoring over false alarms and may also spare you from getting your condition worst.

If lower back pain left side disturbs your sleeping pattern or has gotten into your activities of daily living, then you need to seek help. Waking up at night experiencing severe pain is never normal and may be caused by unusual processes inside the body.

Vomiting may be a minor scene yet it may mean some serious indication if it goes with lower abdominal pain. Vomiting is the normal reaction of the body when the digestive tracts are clogged or when there is an abnormal process happening inside the body. This may also mean an obstruction on the tracts that needs to be corrected right away.

Loss of appetite together with right side abdominal pain is also an alarming situation and stands as a danger sign too. When the digestive system’s process is interfered, the normal effect is loss of appetite. This goes to show with other interference on the processes of the body. No wonder, sick people find it difficult to eat at hospitals. If loss of appetite progresses with pain, weight loss is a long term effect. But it is never a good idea to not seek medical help before weight loss happens.

Tenderness on the area with lower left abdominal pain is also a danger sign. This means that when the area is touched, pain is felt. Some people may even experience guarding the area which is an indication that severe pain is really felt.

Lastly, if left lower abdominal pain goes with blood tinged urine or fecal product with blood, seek medical attention right away. This can be a cause of a serious occurrence inside the body. Various reasons may support its existence. One probable reason is the tearing of the intestinal area that may be caused by blunt trauma or physical attack. Another one can be because of infection on the intestinal area or infection on the kidneys.

These are just some of the danger signs associated with pain on the lower left abdominal area that will need proper attention as it may be caused by more serious reasons. However, if pain is just mild and does not interfere with your daily activities, there is no need to fret. A small dose of pain is just normal for a human to experience. As long as it does not go with the signs listed above, you are on the safe side. So be vigilant and know the signs to take proper action.